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The Ultimate Shave is exclusively performed in our MUG shops by highly trained professionals. Weve combined classic techniques with advanced products and came up with something truly remarkable. In fact, if you've ever felt a closer or more comfortable shave, let us know and we'll issue a full refund.

If you are looking to recreate the perfect shave at home, click here.

The Ultimate Shave
First, we massage in our proprietary MMIV Shave Oil. This revolutionary product provides a protective layer against the blade which guarantees a smooth glide and reduced razor drag. Vitamin E acts a powerful antioxidant that dramatically improves the condition of your skin.

Then, we wrap warm towels around your face. This is to open the pores, soften the beard, and warm the areas to be shaved. It is also extremely relaxing.

Our next step is to massage in the MMIV Shave Cream after we hand-whip it with a badger hair shave brush creating a luxurious lather. This shave cream is unlike any other, rich with antioxidants green tea and Vitamin E.

To make sure your shave is as close as possible, we first shave your entire face with the grain. Then, you get another hot towel wrap, and we repeat the process against the grain. This ensures absolute closeness and comfort.

Now its time to cool down. After wiping down your face with a cool towel, we then apply The MMIV Toning Hydrator. This unique solution is formulated with sodium PCA to encourage long-lasting moisture retention.

Lastly, relax with an invigorating facial massage with the MMIV Ultimate Post Shave Balm. Soothe irritation, revive the senses, and condition your skin.

The entire process lasts about 25-30 minutes.